The Dr. James Eells experience

When you come to the office of Dr. James Eells, you’ll be greeted with friendly staff members who are caring and attentive to your needs. Our staff ensures that all your questions are asked as well as deal directly with your insurance provider. The office works like a well oiled machine, that’s because there’s a certain process that gets you in quickly to see the good doctor at the same time, get the most out of your visit.

Dr Eells and Office Staff Working James-R-Eells-Medical-Doctor


Las Vegas Dr is here for you!

If you’re a resident or just visiting Las Vegas and you find yourself needing a doctor, look no further because Dr. Jim Eells can help you. Concierge Medicine can meet your medical needs, but if you feel that your situation is an emergency, please call 911. However, you can call, make an appointment and our friendly staff can get you situated.

If this is an urgent matter, please come right in and we’ll take a look at your ailments. We help patients of any age, from babies to seniors. At Concierge Medicine, we provide affordable, personalized car. Our patients will receive comprehensive health care at budget prices.

The Dr can diagnose and help determine which diseases could affect the patient now or later down the road. Concierge Medicine has easy appointment settings, no waiting times with longer and more thorough examinations.